Monday, 8 April 2013

A Cleansing Breath....

Well Hello Stranger! Did you miss me? Did you? Did you? Don't answer that, because I'm QUITE certain you didn't even notice my prolonged absence over the Easter break. I mean really! Why on earth would you miss little old me? Hmmm? Did you say something? (Shamelessly fishing now- Best ignored.)
Okay then...moving (not so swiftly) on... quite slowly actually.....still glancing round me....Anyone?Anyone? ......Alright- I'm going!

 Monday, and it's back to porridge, but, as I chirpily told the boys on the way to school this morning, 'Sure, you wouldn't appreciate the holidays if your whole life was a holiday!'....No, they didn't go for it either.
It WAS a lovely break though- first trip of the year to the caravilla and we went for walks and windy picnics, spent time with good friends, drank wine, ate chocolate, did a 1000 piece jigsaw, (totally addicted now), started watching 'The Killing', (new girl crush alert on Sarah Lundt), drank more wine, ate more chocolate and (thanks to my MIL), I even learned to knit!. (I DO still say 'in the wee bunny hole, round the big tree' in my head, but still!)

And now it's over, and its Monday, and my jeans are tight, and the ironing needs done, and the dinner needs made, and the homeworks are looming, and I'm on a fast day, and it's all a bit of a buzzkill. Ho hum.
To be honest, I'd probably be weeping into my black coffee right now, if it wasn't for the excitement of having my new washing machine arrive this morning...and I'm not even joking! (Just when you thought I couldn't get any sadder, I go and surprise you all over again).

Pretty as a picture...
I'm literally ALL BIZZ right now, and just itching to try out my new 11kg drum! (Yep, you read that right- huge capacity with a fabulous energy rating- I'll be saving money AND the environment all at once!) I did my research (ie, hacked into my Dad's online 'Which' subscription), and this baby was deemed perfect for large families... specifically those with lots of grubby boys who enjoy rolling in the muck.

 The old machine, (a mere 7kg drum) won't be going to the great scrap heap in the sky just yet either- it's simply relocating to our 'new to us' shed at the Caravilla.
Yes indeedy, no more being fleeced for pricey tokens for the dodgy onsite machines.
No more scurrying in flip flops across wet grass, clutching my 'Small and Mighty' at the first hint of a good drying day, only to be pipped at the post by three others with the same idea.
 No more green eyed monster every time I hear the distictive hum of a final spin from next door's vibrating hut.
No Sireee! THIS year I'll be livin' the dream with my very own in-shed Zanussi, popping out to pop on a wash, as and when the notion takes me!.... So, how do you like them apples?

And on that wild and crazy note, and hopefully just before my street cred goes into free fall, (too late?), I'll bid you farewell....Alright, it's true- I do want to get a head start on my user instructions before the kids come in from school. Have a super clean, energy efficient Monday peeps! xxx

PS-I've joined up with Sarah Miles at Hello Wall today-go on over and take a peek at the rest! 



  1. I still love my Miele washing machine 2 years on - mainly as it copes with mucky rugby kit. I need it to be my friend! Have fun!!

  2. FAst day...Fast forwarding in to the cleaning more like lol

  3. Still jealous of ur caravilla and now a shed with a washing machine., this is too much!! Lol

  4. Only a mother of boys could get that excited about a new washing machine :)

  5. Haha - I get WAY too excited about new household appliances too!! Looks fabulous - I was almost disappointed that you didn't give us a photo of it without the wrapping AND a before and after photo of yer dirty clothes!! :) x

  6. 20 years ago it was a gig ticket...10 years ago new shoes now....now...a washing machine. #signofthetimes

    Enjoy that beastie! Xx