Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Need an LOL?

Loverboy followed me round the kitchen last week with his 'touch pad' (doesnt that just sound rude? Especially when we ALL know its just a wannabe iPad). He kept saying 'You should watch this ! You"ll love it-I know you will!'
 But you know, I was busy -doing homeworks, making dinner, nagging about piano practice- and anyway, just between you and me,  he makes me sit through an awful lot of unfunny crap, so he was kinda top of my 'pay no heed' list at that time.
But when I did watch it later, didn't it turn out he was right! (See- sometimes I DO admit I'm wrong, sweetie!) Because I LOVED it, completely identified, and giggled the whole way through as he just looked on smugly.
So obvs, now I'm sharing the love and the LOLs with you lot - let's face it, we all can do with a laugh to get us through hump-day! Hope you like it! Emx


  1. Haha - Love it Emma and I've re-posted it on FB :)

  2. Haha LOVE this video!!! You should check this one out too Emma - http://youtu.be/CXgoJ0f5EsQ. So funny!

    I love your blog Emma so I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out here, I would be so thrilled if you could accept!


    Lulu x

    1. Thank you Lulu! I'll definitely check that link out too :-)

  3. Emma sounds Like u couldve written that ur self.. Lol x

  4. I only wish that I had Fi!