Tuesday, 15 January 2013

On the Pot

There is honestly nothing more I'd like to do right now than to shoot the breeze here with you, but unfortunately, endless long hours are currently being swallowed up with potty training. Never before have I appreciated as fully the colourful expression 's**t or get off the pot'.

 It's been four years since I last did this job and I'd  forgotten how time consuming, mind numbingly boring and utterly frustrating it often is. Or maybe I just blanked it out? Whoa! Where did all that come from? Because clearly what I actually meant to say was, what a wonderful and challenging privilege it is to navigate this momentous milestone with my last born child.....Yeah whatever....I'll fill you in on our ongoing, mostly uphill journey if I ever snatch a few minutes between bowel movements. (His, not mine obv.)
On a much fresher smelling note, I'm going to leave you with a TED talk that LB told me to check out- he thought it would appeal to me given the Psychology training in my previous life ....and he was right!In case you haven't heard of the TED talks, they are basically 18 minute talks based on  'ideas worth spreading'. The TED conferences are held in California twice a year and these inspiring and wildly diverse talks are then put on the Interweb free of charge for us all to enjoy.

Loverboy's New Year resolution wasn't to surprise me with thoughtful gifts, flowers and cards on a regular basis (weekly), but to watch one of these talks every day. Yep, they really ARE that good! Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this one - It's Amy Cuddy discussing 'Power Poses', so let me know what you think.....I'm just wondering  if they might possibly work with potty training as well?


  1. Really enjoyed this Emma and am going to pass it on to a quiet friend who is struggling to pass his viva-style examination. Maybe next time he can fake it.
    Just watched another TED talk while making my crumble topping. Raising 4 boys, (and after our chat about finding appropriate films for the different ages), I think you'll like it.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it..and I'll be checking this one out too. I'll bet that crumble was delish!