Thursday, 4 October 2012

Show and Tell

You know how I love a bit of jewellry bling?  I know, I know, probably more than I should... probably more than most...and definitely more than might possibly be considered tasteful. Welllllll, its taken me time, but I've gradually learned to accept, and even embrace it, because when you look at it, it's really a lifelong affliction of sorts, most likely incurable and getting progressively worse with age. 

So it should be no surprise to you, that when I was let loose to shop on Oxford Street last Monday morning, I went a wee bit mad on the old jewellry front. Not,(blessedly), in Harrods or even Harvey Nicks, but in lowly, Irish born and bred, Primark (code name Prada), H&M and Uniqlo. Be still my beating heart, because when my eye fell upon these little beauties, I found myself actually shaking with excitement...shaking, I tell you!  

IRL,  I'm utterly rubbish at playing it cool. If someone says, 'Oooooh, I love your bag! Where'd you get it?'
 Instead of calmly purring 'Oh this old thing? London, darling!', I gush excitedly and tell the truth. 'Marksie's sale, £80 down to (silent drumroll in my head) £20!' 

Given that tendency to overshare, I just HAD to show you my newest little trinkets.... and I won't even make you guess the prices!  And even though I can't see your face right now,  I sincerely hope it's wearing a suitably impressed expression. If its not....I'll just pretend it is! Brace yourself for a blingtastic Thursday....
H&M- £9.99
Prada £8 (necklace) £3.50 (ring)
Orla Kiely for Uniqlo scarf -£9.99

Proving you can't win 'em all...my £1.50 purple knuckle duster bit the dust on it's first outing...ah well!
All that glitters....


  1. I love a bargain! For me it's shoes though. Saying that I can't remember the last time a bought anything for myself!!!

    1. Oh me too, me too!! I wish I could say the same though!

  2. All lovely and all you, and you know i love a wee bargain myself, but I love hearing about other peoles bargains too! ALso it's the way you were them, i've had compliments for things from primark(like you I always tell).

    health to wear

  3. Love that scarf hun. I'm off the Lannndann town tomorrow might indulge a bit meself :)

  4. OMG that Prada necklace is soooo awesome! :D