Monday, 3 September 2012

September Mourn

In two short years around here, we've gone from four at the primary school to only two -dear oh dear, how time flies. And although I wouldn't have it any other way, I did have a wee wobbly moment this morning, seeing these two all grown up. I'm bursting with pride but it seems like no time at all since they were starting primary school...and I think I may have had a quiet weep then too.

Then just at that very moment, I felt a little tap and turned around to discover my baby with a bin on his head and, of course, I burst out laughing!
 So thank you, my wee Lukey, for your perfect comic timing... it was exactly what Mummy needed today!


  1. They look so smart in their uniforms( had one just like it!)and sometimes kids can sense when their mum needs cheering up. Stil want to adopt him!lol

    1. They can I think Anne!! You can adopt him during potty training- how's that!?