Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Small but Perfectly Formed!

I'm taking a brief intermission from my usual nonsense, to tell you about a short book  that I devoured recently. On my kindle. (Or, as it happens, on the kindle app on my iPad...yep, STILL loving it!). Anyway, the novella is called 'The Obituarist', and it's written by Paul A. Waters.
It tells the story of a journalist, who's stuck with writing the obituaries of various suits and Z list celebrities, until an old war hero dies, and he quickly seizes the opportunity to make a name for himself. Then strangely, another veteran dies...and  another...and I can't tell you anymore or else I'll spoil it! I will say though, that it's packed with handlebar mustaches, hyphenated surnames, greed, treachery and death and that the ending is totally unexpected. It reminded me a little of Agatha Christie, but with a darker, more modern tone. I thought that MakinMovies.net hit the nail on the head when they described it as, "Mordant, funny, dark, teasing and ironic.”
It's the perfect beach read, although I actually read it in the hairdresser's, and found it infinitely more satisfying than the usual three month old 'Closer'. Once I started it, I just couldn't put it down, (except briefly when I was getting my hair rinsed). And the best part? It costs only £1.95 and is available from Amazon here. That's less than  a cup of coffee!
Oh, and if anyone wants the author's autograph, I can make that happen, my friends, because he's actually my cousin. He's a journalist, broadcaster and writer, (although he doesn't write obituaries, as far as I know.) He does write a blog though, so go on over and say hello, and tell him what you think of his book.

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  1. I've read it too and loved it. Very colourful characters are created despite this being a compact book. Like you, I struggled to find a good point to put it down to boil the kettle as I was gripped.
    Wonderful to hear your comparisons to Agatha Christie. Living in Torquay, where she grew up, I of course rate her as the best of British crime writers. Maybe we have a modern Christie on our hands!

  2. I saw this - and then I went away and had a bit of a blush - so now I'm back to say thank you for the lovely review.
    Some copies still remaining at these places:
    You can download The Obituarist from Smashwords http://tinyurl.com/bud4ffu
    or Amazon.co.uk http://tinyurl.com/8xwrfpb or even Amazon.com http://tinyurl.com/87g2nzc