Friday, 4 May 2012

The Graveyard Shift

I'm always dropping hints for flowers but..
Allow me to show you my most recent little 'gift' from Rory- these lovely, (fake), red flowers! Any guesses where he got them? Anyone? I'll just come right out with it then- he got them from the yellow skip at the bottom of the grave yard, and was at once both thrilled at finding such treasures, and completely bewildered as to why anyone would place them in a skip in the first place.He and Cormac had just enjoyed a pleasurable half hour actually IN the skip itself, having a good old hoke through it, unearthing all kinds of junk treasures.
Now that I've told you THAT, I feel the need to explain how two of my boys came to be find themselves in such an unorthodox playground in the first place. Well, it's really quite simple- I was on church cleaning duty with another girl that afternoon. (Now, I do realise that sounds terribly worthy, and although I'm very tempted to leave you with that (erroneous) impression, I really should put it in context. I'm on a rota to help out, and it only comes up every few months, so it's no biggie and I figure it cancels out the odd Villa Maria binge here and there.)
Anyway, I'd asked my neighbour, who I share school runs with, to drop my boys at the church after school, so she did. As usual, they were very keen to 'help', but after first tramping over our freshly mopped floors, then cleaning the Virgin Mary statue over enthusiastically with feather dusters, I instructed them play outside, while we finished off. Which is how I came to find them, shortly after, shooting the breeze in the skip.
I have to say, and I suspect grave yard appreciation may be an age thing, but as graveyards go, this one's a cracker. It's on a hill, in the countryside, beside a beautiful stone church-all and all not a bad place to wind up. If Carlsberg did graveyards.....
Honestly, even my mum has her eye on a plot there. Belfast, it seems, though a grand place to spend a lifetime, is less desirable eternity wise. Too noisy, too crowded, and you never know who you'd be put next to. No, no, apparently the place to be for the long haul is little old Glenavy!  People are DYING to get in, (sorry couldn't resist!), but Loverboy has assured her, that as her eternal comfort is of the utmost importance to him, he'll personally select a prime plot.....he's SO very thoughtful that way.


  1. Lovely flowers, and they'll last a life time...

  2. Your boys sound like proper boys! Stuff of literature! I love your stories about their capers!

  3. Age is no barrier to graveyard appreciation. Better to appreciate them when you and the family are alive and well than the other times you may end up there. Strangely we did a geography project in a graveyard recently which was peculiarly enjoyable. But didn't get any flowers. Your kids sound much more thoughtful!