Thursday, 19 April 2012

Starstruck-I know!

Soooo, on to part two of my 'Night with the Stars'.... Alright, alright- I may be over egging it a bit but as my good friend Aine quite rightly reminded me on Twitter, 'T'was far from a 4 course meal and Van Morrison you were reared. (pronounced 'rared') (This is my excuse for subsequent behaviour!)
After the meal, and before old grumpy Van came on, there was the usual stampede for the loos. As I was en route, I noticed an Indian looking girl at another table, and for a second was SURE that I knew her, but then quickly realised that No, I didn't actually. So, my very next thought was 'Eastenders!', but as I filed through all the characters in my head, I knew that wasn't right either. Then, as I was standing there wracking my brains, in she came to the loos with another girl, (more on that later), and caught my eye and smiled. (Or actually with hindsight it may have been the other way round). But brave with wine I said,
'I'm sorry to bother you, but where do I know you from?', and she said,
' Well I'm actually in a show called 'The Good Wife'.
There followed the briefest of pauses as my penny dropped, and then off I gushed,
'Oh my goodness, I LOVE that show!! You're Kalinda, aren't you?' And then worse...what next popped into my head and proceeded unfiltered straight out my mouth was,
'So is Mr Big as gorgeous in real life as he is on TV?'
Seriously Emma, seriously? What age am I-fourteen? AND it's the wrong show anyway- she probably thought I didn't even know or care what I was watching as long as HE was in it. But to her credit, despite my tragic faux pas she laughed charmingly, and said that, yes, indeed he was. (But then again, what else COULD she say?) So, obviously at this juncture you'd assume that I would have slipped quietly back into my seat and oblivion, right? Wrong- I was only warming up....
Kalinda aka Archie Panjabi then went in for a pee, and I turned to the vaguely familiar girl who came in with her, and cosily confided,
 ' Gosh, I DO hope your friend didn't mind me asking her where I knew her from? I mean she just looked SO familiar you know? '
Now, not only must she have been mildly taken aback by my overly chummy tone- I was a mere breath away from borrowing her lippie- but much more insulting, was that she'd seen me go into freaky fan mode  with her mate, but I clearly had no idea who SHE was... Until I was back in my seat and DIED with embarrassment as I realized it was Bronagh Gallagher, of 'The Commitments', Pulp Fiction', Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars etc etc fame.
Later on, and egged on by  Loverboy, (do it for the blog, go on sure, go on!), I got a picture with the beautiful Archie, who was really lovely and told me that this was her first time in Belfast and she couldn't get over how friendly and welcoming everyone was.
The sun'll come out tomorrow....
The next morning, quite by chance, (honestly!), we got chatting to Bronagh Gallagher after breakfast, and she couldn't have been nicer - she clearly didn't hold Loo- Gate against me -and told us all about her band- with the fitting (if slightly predictable) name of  'The Bronagh Gallagher Band'- and how they've just released their second album and are playing in the Limelight in a few weeks time. Check her out on www.bronaghgallagher.com Oh, and I got a picture with her too....the excitement of it all!
Disclaimer-Unfortunately for me, like most actresses these ladies are teeny TINY but alongside moi, it's like freakin Land of the Giants. Worse, when I looked at the pic of Archie and myself , all I could think was Petite Exotic Beauty and........Supersize Orphan Annie. FTLOG, (For the love of God) what was I thinking wearing a red top AND curling my hair?


  1. Such a geg Emma, especially the bit where you are so chummy you were borrowing her lippy ! You know how to hob nob with the in crowd ! Mr Big - ha and she is the new Aisan SJP !

    1. I know Nuala- could I have put my size 7s in it anymore? Ah well! Sure what can you do!

  2. You're more gorge than both of them!

    My stars - john cooper Clarke, saw jack nicolson and anjelica houston on kings road london a million years ago, John Gordon Sinclair from Gregorys girl came back to our house after drinkies in the Crown,Russ Abbott in Bradford after he was in panto a lovely man.Brian kennedy -but he lived in our street so does he count? Janis Ian at black box, bit of a bore. there may be others but I told them, "look no autographs I'm too tired to sign anything..."

    Worse famous person - that stinky rude horrible stuck up his own arse, Robbie Coltrane.

    1. Wow Brenda- you're totally blowing little old me outta the water here... And to think Robbie Coltrane is rude- I loved him in Harry Potter too.

  3. Indeed,Emma! You are proof that being starstruck can be fun. But, you are a star in my mind ::GRIN::.

  4. Just read this Ems!! Oh Lordy how fab!! I'd be more all about meeting them than Van, I must say! And of course you should have said 'Mr Big'!! Eh hello, does he have another name?! But Ems shame on you for not knowing the brill Bronagh!! I would have clocked that in seconds!! Mary xxx

  5. The brilliant Bronagh must be getting used to it be now. I met her and her band in Dublin airport and asked her: Are you Louise Gallagher's sister?
    And so she was. So we talked about her sister.
    And she was thoroughly lovely.

  6. Jennifer Boyle13 May 2012 at 16:28

    Get out you look fantastic as always! I can't believe they didn't say 'aren't you from the adventures of an unfit mother blog!"