Sunday, 8 January 2012

Back to Porridge

The Christmas holidays are well and truly over. Tomorrow, the children return to school, and piano, netball, judo, and tennis lessons all resume this week. Two of our boys have January birthdays looming, as well as two of their cousins and my sister's 30th. Socially, this term we're going to be quite the butterflies -there's two weddings coming up for us with the accompanying hen parties (me!), a 40th birthday in Devon ( me!), a boys' trip to Liverpool (him!), joint trips to see 'Christy Moore', 'Dara O' Briann' and 'Lord of the Dance' and last, but definitely not least, Toy/Loverboy's big 4-0 is just around the corner as well. Phew! Something tells me that boredom won't be an issue!
So why on earth am I feeling a whisper of the January blues? Is it possibly a throwback to the January exams of school, or a lingering hangover from the impending diets of the past, or just the effort of facing the dark, gloomy days before the first glimmer of Spring? Whatever it is, I'm not going to let it fester because I know that I'm ready for routine again, despite myself. Yes, it's wonderful to indulge in all of the richness of the season, but when the treats become the norm, and the late nights too numerous, I KNOW it's time for normal service to resume.
Last week after a non stop Christmas season, and thanks to my generous, loving parents, we were lucky enough to steal away on our own for 3 whole nights ..... and it was perfect. The relentless rain against the floor to ceiling windows served only to deepen the enjoyment of those three course breakfasts with endless coffee and uninterrupted newspapers. Bliss. Whenever I felt the creeping of guilt for the calorific content or the unproductive hours, I reminded myself that I'd be back to porridge soon enough. And now here I am, so no more excuses. And although I feel a mixture of regret that a lovely full cream season has ended, I'm also reluctantly ready for the new semi skimmed one to begin. For without the familiar routine and duties of one, I very likely wouldn't appreciate the aimless indulgence of the other. And besides, who ever said you can't have a little sugar on your porridge anyway?

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  1. Porridge is good for you. Yes I agree come on in January, we welcome you.