Monday, 10 October 2011

Time Out

I am typing this with my left hand - my right hand is wedged in a cup of iced water due to a nasty Aga burn. I've also got a hot water bottle balanced on my neck - for the last few days I've been unable to move my head properly. So I'm walking with a very odd, stiff gait. Oh, and the other night, at my friend's 40th party, I slipped on the deck, cut my other hand and bruised my leg. In my defense - it was raining, the deck was slimy and I was wearing my fabulous, but death defying, gold heels. Not a steady combination even without the two glasses of chardonnay thrown in! So all in all, it's been a bit of an accident prone, unlucky, under the weather sort of weekend.
As a result, my Saturday plans were completely scuppered - I was going to appear in a fashion show (don't laugh, yes, you read that right -I'm not on mind altering drugs any more! I occasionally do a bit of plus size modelling) But, unable to even put on my own top, I'd been forced to cancel. Loverboy made me giggle by performing a clockwork, jerky impression of my catwalk 'saunter' across the bedroom and I bedded down with Sky+ for the day instead. Then, thanks to an incredibly generous family, the children had a sleepover and a roast dinner and a cinema trip, while I slept and ate and watched a movie and slept some more.
So, although it wasn't the exciting weekend I'd looked forward to, and choreographed and planned to the nth degree, it WAS unexpected time at home, alone, with the kids, with Loverboy, and the sky + and plenty of pain relief. I got extra hugs, home made cards and food brought on trays. I had time to reflect on all my busy days filled with plans and chores and lists.
More than I care to admit, I vent about how busy I am, how much I have to do and how little time there is to do it all. I certainly don't appreciate how very lucky I am, to cope with the physical obligations of every day......until I can't. Until my wings are well and truly clipped and it sort of resets priorities for me. So despite the fact that I'm going to sleep tonight with my hand in a bucket of ice, and my head propped up on a teetering mound of pillows, I feel blessed that tomorrow, or very soon after, I'll be back to my usual (fairly) efficient self, and maybe, possibly, hopefully, and at least for a day or two, I'll feel blessed just for that.

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